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What is punctal occlusion?
Punctal occlusion is a very safe, painless, and effective treatment option performed in office by all of the doctors of the Chicago Dry Eye Center of Excellence, a division of Advanced Eye Care Professionals, P.C.

The Dry Eye Work Shop ( DEWS Study) and the International Task Force ( ITF) Delphi Panel on Dry Eye recommended guidelines for a step-wise approach in the management of dry eye disease ( DED) and punctal occlusion is typically indicated for severity level 3. Temporary occlusion during the pre- and post-operative surgical periods may also be performed by our doctors. Punctal occlusion is considered a minor surgical procedure and this procedure is covered by most medical health insurance plans or Care Credit.
Dr. Hogan has been performing punctal occlusion for over 17 years and actually has Punctal Plugs herself!
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What are Punctal Plugs?

A punctal plug is a small medical device that is inserted into the tear duct (puncta) of an eye to block the duct in order to prevent the drainage of aqueous tears from the eye. Retaining the aqueous tears on the surface of the eye can treat and manage the symptoms of dry eye disease as well as other ocular surface conditions. They are used to treat dry eye alone or in combination with other dry eye therapy options.
Punctal Plug

What are the types of punctal plugs?

A temporary punctal plug can be inserted and tried first. These are made of collagen and are dissolvable.

Permanent punctal plugs are usually made of silicone. These are available in various sizes and delivery methods vary. Permanent plugs do not “dissolve” but can be removed easily in office. 
  punctal plug
Soft Silicone Punctal Plug
punctal plug
Soft Silicone Punctal Plug
Things every patient should know about punctal plugs:

• Punctal occlusion is a safe, quick, reversible and widely performed procedure. Dr. Hogan has been performing punctal occlusion for over 17 years and actually has them herself! The procedure is quick and painless and is performed in office with topical anesthesia.

• Punctal plugs help alleviate symptoms of dry eye, but do not cure the disease.

• Punctal plugs can help increase the contact time of your drops.

• Punctal plugs will not interfere with tear production.

• Collagen plugs are temporary and are often used for diagnostic purposes or for short term treatment post-surgery.

• Permanent silicone plugs do not dissolve and can be removed easily in office.

• The most common side effect patients experience from punctal plugs is excessive tearing or “epiphora”. Rarely, minor infection and inflammation can occur. If symptoms of pain or infection occur, the patient is instructed to contact the office immediately for treatment and removal.

• Punctal plugs can “fall out” and easily be replaced.

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